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Vaxis RMA form

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Please fill out this form completely and return to service@vaxis.cn. Upon receipt of the RMA form. You will receive an RMA number. We will evaluate and respond back to you within three business days.

Do not send products for repair until you receive an RMA number



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Everyone must follow and meet the following procedures/requirements for the Vaxis RMA process. Vaxis is not responsible for any delay caused by incomplete or incorrect printed information.

1. The customer must complete the form and provide a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase from the store purchased to verify the product warranty at the request of RMA. Any requests for unnecessary information will be ignored.

2. The RMA number is valid for 15 days from the date of issue and cannot be repeated. Vaxis must receive all products listed on the RMA application form within 15 days. A new RMA # is required after the validation time.

3. All returned products must be packed securely in a box. The customer assumes the risk of loss/damage in transit.

4. Vaxis uses a 1:1 RMA return ratio for replacement products. If the customer wants to replace the complete package, you must return the entire product.

5.All repaired products do not come out of the factory with accessories such as antenna, cable, flight shell, etc.  

6. All refunded products must be in the original box, as good as new!  Includes (box, cable, antenna, manual)(For more information on the full package contents, please visit www.vaxisglobal.com)  

7. Vaxis may refuse RMA's request for credit and/or exchange.  Customers will be notified of any out-of-warranty products, physically damaged products and non-VAXIS products received.

8. All returned products must be brand new, free of physical damage (including surface scratches and stickers/labels), and in resellable condition.  All returned products will be inspected.

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