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Customer Reviews (9)

  • On****ar
    Probably best transmitter in market. Totaly reliable.
  • Ad****in
    Delivery was speedy, and the staff was very kind and helpful! The website would send timely updates as well as notifications on the parcel. The package came well and without problems. It was sealed and placed in a box.

    The unit was also great and had a stable connection through the shoots. We had no problems or issues with the transmitter, and it gave us a hassle-free experience on set. The instructions were also straightforward to understand.

    Overall, I had a great experience with the unit and the company's shipping logistics! Thank you, Vaxis!
  • J****i
    I purchased the 95mm Pure Mist 1/2, 1/4, & 1/8 pack of 3 and very happy with the build quality, effect and how seamlessly it works with the tilta mirage matte box.

    Thus far, I have used it for both photography and video and have come to prefer using the two lower grades for both types of shooting, that is, the 1/4 & 1/8 strengths. The 1/2 grade's halation strength is too much (dreamlike). However, I don't regret buying the 3 pack as I could see myself using the 1/2 grade for a fun & collaborative stylized project sometime in the near future.

    I'm looking forward to building my filter collection with these affordable yet respectable filters from V-Axis.
  • Vaxis Atom A5H Wireless Monitor
    US$ 499.00
    Extraordinary quality wireless monitor, compatible with the ATOM 500. The quality is truly astonishing, an intuitive, easy-to-use menu and incredible screen quality. With two complimentary TX's for my clients, I can place the monitor on two cameras and provide an exclusive and unique sound production service in my area.
  • An****os
    High quality wireless video system with SDI and HDMI connection, very stable and with low battery consumption. The perfect team for my sound department.
  • R****o
    High quality wireless video system with HDMI connection, very stable and with low battery consumption, very stable for my productions.
  • An****os
    High quality cable and mandatory use if you use systems with an SDI connection.
  • KE****UX
    These 95mm IRND filters work perfectly for Blackmagic Design Cameras and other cameras without internal IR filtration. There is no color cast and no IR Filtration. They are really compact compared to my 4x4 and 4x5.65 filters. They fit my Tilta Dual 95mm tray perfectly. This is the best investment in ND Filters that I've made so far. Good Job Vaxis!!
  • Vaxis Storm 058 Wireless Monitor
    US$ 2780.00
    Good produdct, it will be exellent with zoom option!!!

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