Computer programming; technology development, sales, technical consultation of computer network software and hardware; network technology development, technical consultation; enterprise management consulting; computer graphic design, graphic design

Network security and tools

Some commonly used tools are related to Internet security


Translation assistant

Automatically generate subtitles for video, support bilingual subtitle conversion

Portable u disk

A U disk multiple systems, including not limited to linux, window, android and other multi-platform systems

Xiao Zhiyun Shield

A WeChat applet about personal security

Hourglass time

A WeChat applet about holiday cards and countdowns
Promote Yourself

Show your best to get a good offer

Uniquely conceptualize backward-compatible leadership with extensible value. Synergistically disseminate performance based portals through adaptive growth strategies. Holisticly reconceptualize user friendly solutions and professional leadership. Rapidiously expedite enterprise-wide collaboration.

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